A Note From Our Technician



There may come a day that your pet requires radiographs (x-rays) as part of their diagnostic work-up. Radiographs are taken and processed in-clinic.


Both routine and non-routine soft tissue surgery is performed in-clinic.During your pet's stay, you can rest assured that he or she is recieving the best care possible. Our patients are closely monitored during the entire procedure as well as during post-operative recovery. We strive to minimize stress by catering to their individual needs and providing them with the attention and focus that they deserve.

Small Animal Services

the urine (although cleaned and disinfected) from the prior visitor, the clinic cat, the variety of animal scents on our clothes, and the list goes on and on. These scents have a tendency of exciting them. They are also met with new people (us) that insist on getting very close to them even if they back away. Their safety and health are our number one concerns. The next concern is your safety. When an animal is fearful or surprised, they sometimes become unpredictable. This pet, who has never bitten anyone in their life, goes into fight or flight mode and bites, scratches, etc. They may also want to protect you. When you step back and allow us to use our training, you not only place yourself out of harms way- you also show your animal that you trust what is about to happen to them. We will never harm your animal or handle them roughly. Our goal is to build their trust so that we may address any medical issue that he or she may have. So next time your pet is on our exam table, please remember that we are not trying to belittle you or push you away when we ask that you take a step back for a moment. We are simply attempting to perform our duties to the best of our abilities and ensure that you and your pet has a productive and comfortable visit.


As pet owners, we understand the anxiety and uncertainty that you experience when your pet is ill. We perform several laboratory tests in-clinic so that we may provide the individualized care that your pet deserves. We also send samples to laboratories across the country if needed.


Proper dental care is essential to maintaining the health of your pet. It is recommend that a professional cleaning be performed annually.  Our dental scaling and polishing procedures are performed under anesthesia to ensure the comfort of your pet. During the procedure, a complete and thorough oral exam is performed. Any loose or diseased teeth are removed at this time.

 If you have visited our clinic, you may have noticed a sign in the exam room reading-"For your safety, please do not ask to restrain your animal." I recieve a plethora of questions regarding this sign, so let me explain:
                                     When your pet comes through our door, he/she is met with a variety of different smells. These scents are virtually undetectable to our noses. They can smell the surgery that was performed earlier that day,


Got fleas? We can help! We maintain a small selection of various pet supplies. If you are unable to find what you need, let us know!


New pet or new to the area? We offer everything from preventative care (vaccinations, deworming, etc.) to surgeries.

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