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Bluestem Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Feed Directive

Do you have a regular veterinarian that performs your pregnancy checking, treats your sick animals, helps with your herd health plan, or simply consults with you for your management issues? If you answered yes to any of those, more than likely- you are covered. There are a few things that you need to remember or check on:

  • If you have ANY medicated feed on hand, you need to make sure that the levels/mixture complies with federal regulations AND acquire a feed directive BEFORE feeding it to your animals.

  • You must acquire a feed directive BEFORE a mill will mix your feed/mineral.

  • There are 3 copies to this feed directive- 1) Veterinarian Copy 2) Mill Copy 3) Producer Copy. These copies must remain on-file and accessible for 2 years. It is your responsibility to maintain your copy for that time.

  • No antibiotic is approved for use for growing purposes anymore.

  • Feed/Mineral must be mixed and fed according to manufacturer label.

  • VFD may be written for up to 6 months at a time. Time varies based on purpose of administration and once again- must follow manufacturer label.

  • There will be a fee for these feed directives; however, it will be equivalent to an office visit. We are not trying to break you!

We also understand that there are producers that operate alone. You do your own pregnancy checking, dehorning, castrations, etc. You must find a veterinarian and develop a good and valid VCPR (Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship). This is an easy fix; actually it may benefit you in more ways than one! How do you accomplish this? Here is how we get started- First we have to know what kind of operation you have. This requires an on-site visit. The doctor has to see your set-up, animals, and understand your particular herd health plan and/or procedures. This does not mean that he will attempt to take over your operation or insist that we do your processing from now on; he just needs to know how you operate, know your herd size and purpose (cow/calf, feeders, etc.),  and witness a need for the prescription. This information is required on all prescriptions. For this type of consultation, you will typically be charged mileage for travel as well as a consultation fee. For in-depth pricing information, give us a call!